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Kanyamunyu Murder Case takes another twist to its worst.

Reliable information has come to light of what transpired before and after the murder of ...
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Dubai Worker organizes a Thanks Giving Event to Embarrass his Cheating Wife.

Ssemakula Muhamudu who was living and working in Dubai, invited guests and family members to ...
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Kato Lubwama Troubles have started, days in Parliament Numbered

Hon. Kato Lubwama, the Lubaga South MP, could lose his seat after a political activist ...
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Zulfah Lunkuse Steals 14 million shillings from Hardworking Musama

Around July 2016 Zulfa Fb names "Mimi Zul" obtained 14 million Uganda shilling from a ...
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NBS’s Brenda Nakidde harassing another woman Over a man

NBS head of marketing Brenda Nakidde fb names Brenda Bulamu has been sending disturbing and ...
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